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Our unique employee benefit Administration Solutions are unlike traditional methods because we integrate modern technology to Empower employers and employees.    We provide an end-to-end solution that streamlines the fragmented benefit administration process of multiple vendors. Our solutions are designed to save employers time and money which allows them to focus on more strategic objectives.  We have experience in Strategically Partnering with benefit carriers, enrollment specialists & businesses to help them administer employee benefits more efficiently.  Our customized services give us an edge over our competition.  We Empower businesses  with benefit administration tools that provide a tremendous amount of cost savings and allow them the ability to communicate benefits more effectively to their employees.  Our Worksite Consulting services provide proven solutions in the face of rising healthcare costs and recent healthcare legislation.   Unlike traditional worksite consultants, we can provide more Flexibility and Choices.  Our worksite options and choices are customized to meet the needs of business owners to improve cashflow and reduce the costs associated with compliance issues, benefit administration and federally mandated communication.     

A little about us 

Horizon Worksite Advisors, LLC  is located in the Nashville, TN area and serves individuals and small businesses in the Southeast area of the county.  We have over eleven years of extensive experience specializing in the group worksite market providing consulting services to include strategic planning, insurance brokerage, ERISA & PPACA compliance evaluation, employee benefit consulting services and implementation for the employer and individual needs.  Horizon’s goal is to create customized, comprehensive, well-designed, and cost-effective plans for you, the client.

We’re grateful for the opportunity to serve you!  If you have any questions, or would like to request a consultation, please email me at or call at (615) 663.8726.                           “Calling the number above will direct you to a licensed sales agent.”

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