Horizon Worksite Advisors, LLC provides independent strategic consultation to address healthcare planning regarding individual medical and Medicare benefits to include plan options and enrollment assistance.

Individual medical and Medicare benefits has become increasingly complex and expensive. Consumers are confused and have limited access to credible advice. Misinformation, network restrictions and enrollment timing can gravely affect finances and healthcare.


From here, you can find and enroll in health coverage, and determine if you are eligible for a Premium Tax Credit or Cost Savings.

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Life Insurance –
Safeguarding Your Future,
Your Family, Your Business

While there are many forms of life insurance, the ultimate value is the “peace of mind” in knowing the end of your life will not result in a financial hardship for those that are closest to you. Whether your goal is to protect your family or business, cover a debt or mortgage or fund a college education or retirement, life insurance is versatile, essential.

As a consumer, there are countless life insurance options available to you – which may, or may not, be in your best interest. Horizon Benefit Advisors partners with several life carriers and can provide a wide variety of term and permanent life insurance policies. Let us provide you with an independent assessment of your life insurance needs and help you select the right policy for you.

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  • Term Life
  • Universal Life
  • Whole Life
  • Indexed Universal Life
  • Long Term Care
  • Protection for a specified period of time: i.e. 10 year, 15 year, 20 year or 30 year level term
  • Lowest cost
  • May Include: Accelerated Death Benefit, Critical Illness, Terminal Illness, Chronic Illness
  • Convertible to permanent life insurance
  • Riders available

Term life insurance is the most cost-effective way to cover costs for loved ones left behind. There are a variety of level term guaranteed premium plans ranging from 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 years. Term Insurance is a popular form of coverage that allows you to purchase large amounts of protection at attractive premium rates.

Permanent life insurance will last for your entire life. Unlike term, permanent life insurance builds a cash value that increases the longer the policy is in force.

Permanent needs may include final expenses and funds to cover estate taxes and retirement savings protection. Whole life and universal life plans are ideally suited for meeting these goals.

  • Protection for your entire life
  • Flexible premiums and coverage amount
  • Competitive interest rates in a tax-deferred environment
  • Accessibility to cash values
  • Unique policy guarantees
  • Riders available (Long Term Care)

If you are looking for a life insurance policy that offers a death benefit with cash value accumulation potential and protection against market-based losses, Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL) may be an option to consider.

IUL is a type of permanent life insurance that offers two interest crediting options:
1) a guaranteed fixed rate of interest, and
2) interest based on the performance of an outside index, such as the Standard and Poor's 500® (S&P 500®). A cap is typically placed on the credited rate of interest, and a minimum 0% floor helps guard against market-based losses.

Upside Potential, Downside Protection

IUL generally earns higher interest than a traditional universal life policy. And with the 0% floor of the index account, you will never experience the market-based losses associated with a variable universal life policy, which is tied to the performance of the investment options that you have selected.

How Does IUL Work?

Like all universal life (UL) insurance, net premiums for IUL policies are applied to a fixed account which earns a fixed rate of interest subject to a guaranteed minimum. A percentage of that value, which is determined by the policy owner, can be transferred to an indexed account, and earns interest equal to the index growth rate.

Is IUL right for you?

You might want to consider an IUL policy if you are interested in:

  • Death benefit protection
  • Greater cash value accumulation potential than traditional life universal insurance
  • Protection from market-based losses with an interest crediting floor
  • All the other advantages of universal life insurance, including federal income-tax deferred interest crediting and growth, and tax-advantaged loans and withdrawals against the cash value of your policy.¹

Final expense life insurance is usually a $10,000 - $50,000 simplified or guaranteed issue life insurance policy designed for seniors to cover their final expenses.



Get a personalized disability insurance policy designed to help protect your income if the unexpected happens.

Protection against life's what-ifs

Individual Disability insurance replaces a portion of your income if you experience an illness or injury keeps you from working. Focus on your recovery – not your finances.

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Long-Term Care Insurance: Plan for the Future

You've worked hard to make sure that you have the financial security you want for you and your family. And, you’ve tried to plan for the surprises that life may bring in the future. But even the most well-thought-out plans may not be enough to prepare you for the unexpected costs associated with long-term care. Long-Term Care is not necessarily medical care but rather “custodial care”. Custodial care involves providing individual assistance with activities of daily living or the supervision of someone who is cognitively impaired.

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Of people turning 65 CAN EXPECT to use some form of LONG-TERM CARE during their lives.

Horizon Worksite Advisors, LLC


Of those who receive long-term care assistance live AT HOME OR IN A COMMUNITY SETTING.

Who Needs
Long-Term Care?

Everyone should have a plan for long-term care. Americans are living longer than ever, which could mean you may need extra help with everyday activities. The benefits of long-term care insurance go beyond what your health insurance may cover by reimbursing you for services needed to help you maintain your lifestyle if age, injury, illness, or a cognitive impairment makes it challenging for you to take care of yourself.

The Government and Long-Term Care

Many believe that government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid will pay for all of their future long-term care needs. In fact, they may only pay for some of these services with many restrictions.

Medicare: May cover a maximum of 100 days of services after a hospital stay. Coverage is designed to assist people during a short-term recovery and doesn’t include personal care or supervision services.

Medicaid: If you have limited assets and income and are relying on Medicaid, the state may make key care decisions on your behalf, including where you receive the care you need.

Tennessee participates in a State Partnership Program which gives you "spend down" protection on your home.


Horizon understands the individual insurance needs of multinational organizations with globally-mobile employees and individuals. We support a wide range of industries, offering Individual Travel Medical products through our strategic partners to protect people wherever travel or work takes them.

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HORIZON offers a comprehensive range of travel medical and dental products through our strategic partners that can be tailored to meet your needs. Healthcare can be unpredictable overseas and most U.S.-based health insurance benefits shrink or disappear when taken abroad. Regardless of where travel or work takes you, you will find a plan that protects you and your family.

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GeoBlue Travel Insurance Plans

Prepare and keep members safe and healthy so they can enjoy peace of mind when they travel. Plans connect members with the best doctors and hospitals, which can lead to better patient outcomes. GeoBlue provides an array of medical coverage for short- and long-term trips outside the U.S. and comprehensive, long-term medical coverage for expatriates and international students/faculty living abroad.

International Medical Group (IMG)

Help members worry less and experience more by delivering the travel protection they need, backed by the support they deserve. IMG has a variety of products for individuals and families worldwide, non-U.S. residents traveling to the U.S., comprehensive medical insurance for international students or scholars participating in a sponsored study abroad program, and individual and family coverage for trip cancellation and interruption, travel delay, medical expenses and baggage.